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February Favourites 2018
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Video Transcript:

hello everyone today I am going to be
sitting here and chatting you through my
February favourites I have to apologize
now it’s just started tipping it down
with rain and I’m sat in the
conservatory so if you can hear the like
pitter-patter of rain on the ceiling
that is why although I actually think
it’s quite a nice sound personally just
might be a bit distracting in a video
one thing you may notice is I’ve had my
hair cut and colored I’ve gone short
I’ve gone blonder it looked much better
yesterday when my hairdresser Sam had
like properly styled it this is like day
two I’ve slept on it but I freaking love
it it’s like my favourite house that
I’ve ever had and I never thought I
would be saying that I always keep my
hair so safe I think like a lot of you
could be looking at this being like
you’re still playing it safe babes it’s
not like bright blue or anything but I
haven’t had my hair this short since I
was like 6 or 7 years old and I just did
not think it would suit me but actually
having seen me with hair this length but
I think it’s probably my favorite hair
so I’ve ever ever had I’m still so
bummed that I kept that long hair for as
long as I did because now when I look
back at videos with my like really long
hair I think it looks so limp and so
lifeless and so gross
I wish I’d done this sooner but hey ho
I’ve got a really expansive list of
things I’ve loved this month so I’m just
gonna get straight to it I’ve got two
hair products that I’ve been loving the
first of which is the way memory mist so
you spray this on your hair before you
style it and I’ve just found this to
really hold whatever hairstyle I’ve got
so whether I’m going for like a straight
sleek look or I’m doing waves or I’m
doing curls I put this on before I use
tongs or straighteners and I just feel
like it holds so much better I also just
love the smell of it lovely
so yeah I’ve been using that a lot and
loving it another product I’ve been
really enjoying using is the wind Allah
like satin hairspray I feel like for
some looks it’s while it’s really
raining I feel like the Sun looks it’s
really nice to have a lot more hold but
with more hold comes kind of like
crunchiness skills me it’s really
I mean do we just sit here and wait it’s
not quite a pitter-patter that’s like a
it might pass it might just be a passing
like black cloud it’s gone so dark as
well Oh a goose
I don’t know what to do it’s so loud
okay it’s getting quieter now okay
anyway back to the hairspray when you
want something that’s kind of a lot more
hold it does come with a bit of crisp
eNOS which I think most people kind of
accept if they want more hold in a
hairspray however I’ve been liking this
just I guess it has a bit more of a
texture spray I just like spray it in
and just like do some scrunching and I
just really like it for that I just
think it’s great skincare wise I don’t
think I put this in my other video but
this is a apricot moisturizer by the
brand Casey Casey si I’ve never heard of
it before it’s a brand from Hungary I
bought this on cult beauty and I just
thought it looked really nice I have to
admit it was a lot smaller than I
thought it was gonna be but you really
only need quite a small amount I’ve used
about half of it up it’s a really lovely
quite light moisturizer but I found that
it’s been really like hydrating and I
love the smell of it it does smell kind
of vaguely of apricot probably more a
real apricot than like a kind of more
fake apricot smell oh now I was now
playing with her toys in the background
it’s just gonna be one of those videos I
think apricot whip moisturiser hydrating
vitamin boosting and nourishing and it
says cosmetics of nature
I’ve really enjoyed using it I think
it’s just the word whipped as well like
any beauty product that has whipped in
it unlike all that sounds really
luxurious and lovely and I really want
to use it so yes love this my skin loves
this and it does not feel too heavy on
your skin but does kind of really
moisturize it which I’ve really enjoyed
another product I have really loved
using is the Saturday skin balancing act
skin smoothing lotion this kind of has
the complete opposite texture to the
apricot moisturizer this is
liquid II and it has this pump we just
show you on the back of my hand so it
comes out like that it’s not like super
liquidy and it kind of has a very
similar feel to the Clinique Moisture
Surge which is feels a lot more like
hydrating and like watery I can’t really
explain it cuz it’s not watery and
texture but it’s like watery once you
rub it in it’s just very very hydrating
but I absolutely love this it’s such a
treat for your skin it’s a lovely base
for foundation and the rest of your
makeup and yeah I’ve really been
enjoying that another thing I have been
completely obsessed with is sheet masks
I know so many people love a good sheet
mask but I’ve just never been I don’t
know I feel like any time I’ve wanted to
use a face mask I’ve always gone for
something out of a pot or something that
you have to like mix up and like paste
onto your face and wash off mainly
because sheet masks I feel I’ve just
quite messy and I tend to end up getting
it in my hair and I just I don’t think I
was really using them properly and like
fully embracing them and I think
recently I have been fully embracing the
sheet masks one of which I absolutely
love is this I’ve had to like fold up
the end this is one that I’ve already
used but oh my god I loved it
I’ve become very obsessed with banana
scented products basically I want to do
a banana scented product in my next
beauty range for next year so I’ve been
doing a lot of banana product research
and I’ve been trying lots of different
banana scented products and seeing which
kind of banana scent I like and which
one I think would work well in certain
products so I tried this thinking old
banana and this smells exactly like a
banana milkshake it’s not so much like a
banana milkshake it made me crave a
McDonald’s banana milkshake which I
don’t think I’ve had in like 20 like
four years or something I think the last
time I had when I was a child and so I
she went out and got myself a banana
milkshake after after putting this on
because it just smells so incredible oh
my god love it it wasn’t just the smell
of this that I loved by the way this
brand is oh I don’t know it’s all in
Korean and I got this in my p.o box so
unfortunately I can’t tell you what
brand this is but I feel like if you
search this it will probably come up it
wasn’t just the smell of this but I was
absolutely obsessed with it was also the
way it made my skin feel and look loved
how they smoked my skin feel made me
fall back in love with sheet masks and
since using this I’ve been using so many
just whenever I’m having a bath I’ll put
one on and then I’ll take it off after
the bath and like rub it in and yeah
I’ve been really enjoying it the love of
sheet masks is back February for me was
a month of extremely dry skin everywhere
I had dry legs
I had dry hands I had dry lips
I had dry feet just I felt like every
inch of my body was like screaming out
for some like quenching and so I
basically had to use a lot of products
that were going to hydrate my entire
body which meant when it came to bath
time I lent more towards an oil this one
I loved this is the origins come to your
senses lavender and vanilla oil for bath
and body I just come here
you’re just gonna sit there okay alright
yeah this a smells delicious
amazing for bedtime because of the
lavender and it just left my body
feeling so moisturized and I felt so
relaxed and I had a really great night
sleep after using this but I do think
this was just what my body needed a good
old hydration a little bit of oil and
then I did not feel so dry another
product that I think saved my skin was
this which is the ameliorate skin
softening bathing power with collodial
oat therapy I actually used up the whole
thing this month so this is a skin
softening bathing powder which is a
conditioning a bath soap specially
formulated to help provide immediate
comfort for dry and dehydrated skin
whilst respecting the skins natural
moisture barrier I had for a real long
time I think I got sent it quite a while
ago and I was rummaging through my bath
drawer which has like all my bath
powders or my bubble baths all my like
bath additives things to make my bath
nice I spotted this and I thought oh oh
therapy that sounds like something my
skin needs and so I have been putting
this in my baths and I love it it makes
the water so milky but also has so much
in it that just when you get out you
feel like all silky and smooth and so
yeah love that another thing another
thing I’ve been using is the glossy a Universal skin salv
anytime I don’t have a lip color on my
lips I’ve had this on I put this on in
the morning I put this on last thing
before bed basically any time I remember
and my lips have nothing else on them
I’ve been applying this and it’s been
it really helped sort out my super super
dry lips so I’m very happy about that
fragrance wise here is my trusty old
Gucci rush – if you watch my blogs or
you’re subscribed to my more zoella
then you may have seen when I went to
Amsterdam with Alfie I purchased this in
the airport on the way and the reason
behind this actually no Alfie bought it
for me I don’t purchase it at all and
the reason behind this purchase was that
this was my first kind of teenage
grown-up perfume I’ve had other perfumes
before I’d used my mum’s but this was my
first proper perfume and I wanted to get
it because I wanted to be reminded of
all those like old times and this is so
nostalgic but I’ve been wearing this so
much this month and I’ve completely
fallen back in love with it it’s a
really like light fruity scent and I
just flippin loved it I can’t believe
it’s taken me this long to find it and
buy it again it just completely like
escaped my memory but I’ve been really
enjoying this okay on to random things I
bought this in Amsterdam this is a
Chili’s bottle so this bottle is
aluminium pink and mininum looks at
metal and it’s got a screw lid and it’s
really cute but the reason I bought this
was because I wanted to try and be
better at not using plastic bottles so
I’ve been refilling this and I’ve
actually been doing a very good job of
it I’m really pleased with myself but I
Phillipe in love this I’ve had many
water bottles and many like glass ones
and like slightly smaller ones and
plastic ones but this one I have kept
reaching for more so over any others
because it keeps cold drinks cold for 24
hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours so
when I put really cold water in this at
the start of the day it’s cold all day
and I just love that and it slips really
easily into my bag and does not
candle this has been in my favorites
before I’ve talked about my love of this
a lot but since spring is now coming I
went and purchased a new one of these
and I’ve been burning this in our
bedroom before bed and I just love it it
is the Jo Malone tomato leaf green
tomato leaf candle oh my god
so this smell reminds me of moving into
the flat on the seafront in like 2014
because I had this as my kitchen and
living room area smell so whenever I
smell this I just it makes me think of
the flat which is such a nice slight
memory for me but also it makes me think
of really sunny days and being by the
sea and so it was kind of vital for me
to repurchase this now that spring is on
the way so this is something that
technically happened in March but it
haven’t right the start of March so I’m
just adding it into here but I went to
see Harry Potter and the cursed child
and oh my goodness it’s incredible I am
a huge fan of Harry Potter however I did
not buy this play the book because I
wanted to see the play but now I really
want to buy the book and reread it
because it was insane I don’t know what
I was really expecting but Alfie had
been to see it and he said it was one of
the most amazing things he’d ever seen
well he says it was the most amazing
thing he’d ever seen so I did have quite
high hopes and those high hopes and
expectations were definitely met it was
incredible if you are I mean if you’re a
huge fan of Harry Potter you’ve probably
seen it anyway but if you are a big big
fan like I wouldn’t say I’m like
hardcore fan I’d say I’m like a big fan
but I’m not like hardcore otherwise I
would have already seen it and I would
have read the book but it’s like me you
are a big fan you have to get tickets to
go and see it it was incredible it’s
quite long but it is broken up into like
part so it doesn’t feel long at all that
was one thing I was a bit apprehend a
prehensile about was that it was six
hours and I was thinking oh my god
like surely that’s gonna drag and at
some point I’m gonna have a numb bum and
be thinking oh my god I need to like get
up out of my seat but there was not one
point where I thought I can’t be doing
with this like I absolutely loved it it
flew by so yes love that now and then
so I briefly mentioned this in my vlog I
think because I’ve been listening to the
soundtrack for this a lot on Spotify
this month puts me in a really great
mood lots of great like 70s hits but
this film is a film I’ve loved for a
real long time but I kind of realized my
love for it this this month I was
missing this year and I’ve watched it so
many times I listen to the soundtrack
all the time I was listening to it this
morning whilst I was like unpacking the
food shop it’s just great like it’s an
amazing film it has some amazing actors
and actresses in it was filmed in the
based on the seventies so it just has
everything amazing about a film in it
and it has great characters and a great
storyline and if you have not seen this
then you need to see it and last but by
no means least double again if you watch
my vlogs then you will see that we have
played this a lot this month this is a
game I was introduced to about a year
Alfie’s mum and dad’s house because that
Amanda had bought this because she’d
played it at someone else’s house and we
had a couple of games of it and we loved
it I then was gifted this and since then
it’s kind of like the go-to game that
whenever we have people round or we’re
waiting for dinner and a restaurant or
just it’s so easy to just whip out and
play I’m not gonna be very good at
explaining this but it’s just a pack of
cards that have loads of different
pictures on and
two cards has something matching so in
this case it’s the sunglasses and I
think there’s about five games you can
play in this so it’s kind of like a you
can do like a snap or like crease one to
get rid of their cards or quickest one
to get put it on to everyone else’s card
like there’s so many different games and
they’re so easy and they’re so quick and
you don’t have to do a whole like oh let
me just explain the rules because it’s
just one of those games that if someone
has never played it before they just
pick up really really easily but yeah
this is definitely my if you’ve got
friends coming round and you need a game
or you’re going out somewhere and you
know there’s a lot of waiting or like
this is a great Airport game just it’s a
great game for friends it’s brilliant
and that ladies and gents
is everything I have been loving through
February so I really hope you enjoyed
this video make sure if you haven’t
already to go and check out my vlogging
channel subscribe there if you want to
see more videos and don’t forget to
subscribe here if you haven’t yet what
else give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed it I always love that it’s nice
to see and leave a little comment
because I love reading through your
comments as well I hope you all have an
amazing week and I will see you again