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Don’t doubt the streetwear NASA fanny pack it’s sitting on my coffee table right now.

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Video Transcript:

so the world of men’s fashion is a wacky
wild and turbulent place especially
thanks to the Internet where 10 years
ago if you discovered a men’s fashion
form looking for advice they’d say yeah
just wear jeans and a shirt that fits
properly and you’d be leagues ahead of
your average dad just by doing that
nowadays while they were existed to some
degree those fashions and forms have
diverged and then grown into huge
subcultures they include things like
your mainstream business attire
high-fashion casual wear street wear and
all sorts of subgroups under that
including things like your sneaker heads
tech wear skate wear pale wave
avant-garde and then everything Kanye
has been in the same room is on the
surface they all seem like completely
different and confusing genres but it’s
kind of like how there are a million
types of movies but they’re all built on
the same principles so if you break it
down into what the actual purpose or
inspiration of the different trends are
it starts to make some actual sense so
to start with the obvious you take
business and formal attire and it
literally has barely changed for a
hundred and twenty-five years besides
the fat conductor has a basic suit looks
fantastic all the time and the only way
it doesn’t is if it doesn’t fit or
you’re wearing it at the wrong place and
that’s the whole point it’s a super
simple yet refined outfit that says I’m
a respectable put together person
representing a respectable put together
company so sign this contract and let’s
monopolize American steel
so is that devolves a little bit you
have something like business casual
which is of course much more prevalent
nowadays as business has become a lot
less face-to-face and a lot more online
some people wear business casual or chic
casual outfits all the time but it works
better if you’re a bit older because if
you’re a high school student or
university freshman you can come off as
a bit incongruent because there’s really
no reason you’d ever need to wear a
buttons shirt other than when your date
drove you to prom or that one job
interview had so I might be good to wait
until you’ve at least paid taxes before
you look like you filed someone else’s
so in my opinion this is the point where
things get interesting because you get
to your casual everyday clothes where
you can really express your personality
by copying what popular rappers are
wearing so by far the most rapidly
evolving area of men’s fashion I think
the most noticeable shift recently has
been the huge prevalence of street wear
and designer brands gaining popularity
with teenagers and young guys I mean not
that long ago the only people who’d
spend money on Gucci were rich
middle-aged guys buying their wife
something for an anniversary but
nowadays the barrier for entry is
getting like three a’s that semester the
part that i found the most interesting
about some of the street where culture
is that a lot of unfashionable
ironically where you’re sort of saying i
so much about fashion that I’m wearing
something I know is unfashionable
because in order to identify something
so unfashionable you would have to know
a lot about fashion like a while ago it
would be as simple as wearing a pink
shirt and putting your hair in a bun
because it was the opposite of
traditional men’s fashion at the time
then later it was overalls in a bucket
hat because you live in a city and
haven’t ever caught a fish and then
eventually gene joggers and a NASA fanny
pack because you’re emulating that one
weird kid in middle school I’m still
sour about this because I was literally
that kid in middle school and people did
not think I was fashionable I did
however have a pouch for my laser
pointer now this sort of ironic
incorporation of uncool items certainly
doesn’t end there because some brands
seem to have been built almost entirely
on this sense of consumer irony and I
think the most brilliant example of that
is supreme and they were originally a
much smaller kind of skate shop clothing
brand but effectively they said alright
we’re putting these shop with a pretty
dedicated clientele do you think people
would buy just a regular white shirt
with a box logo on it for $30 and it
turns out they would and as they got
bigger they said alright what about
something like a Zippo lighter and that
sold out instantly
but as they kept getting more traction
they just said fuck it
nunchuks sold out instantly tennis balls
sold out instantly
fire-extinguisher sold out instantly and
at one point they must have had a
conversation that went all right what is
literally the least useful standalone
item we could possibly sell and someone
said how about a brick yeah brick and
look supreme was pretty big at the time
and everything was selling out but what
people actually pay $30 for a brick and
of course the answer was no they didn’t
almost no one would pay $30 for a brick
they’d pay $1,000 for a brick because it
sold out instantly so anyway hit me up
for that collab like like actually
though so once you go deeper into
different contemporary fashions you’ll
find some very interesting sub
categorizations and they’re explored the
extremes of other genres and some of
them are pretty weird so the most
well-known is probably high fashion
which does get a lot of flack for being
weird but it’s really more of an
advertising campaign and for showing off
a designer’s inspiration for upcoming
commercial lines than it is for actual
practical wear so in a way it’s almost
weird by design
it’s neither here nor there for me but
if we start looking at the niche
clothing that people do wear on a
day-to-day basis it brings us to some
super interesting trends so of course a
massive group that’s permeated all
casual wear are your sneaker heads and
these are the people you might have
heard of who would camp overnight to cop
a fresh pair of Jordans but they only
really wear them once for Instagram and
then they resell them the next day at
five times the price to rich Asian
exchange students something like
normcore is wearing literally your
entire outfit ironically effectively
dressing as blandly as possible on
pale wave is a sort of minimalism that
centers around a lack of detail and
subtle pastel color palettes I quite
enjoy this look because if people come
over to my apartment I blended nicely
with my IKEA furniture then there’s all
black everything which is also a pretty
solid choice if you don’t like sorting
laundry I mean I think it’s cool because
it makes your washer spin cycle look
like a portal to the fourth dimension
that’s pretty neat and then something
like avant-garde which is sometimes
called goth ninja is way more
complicated but is fundamentally about
being able to sneak up on people
perfectly camouflaged in the urban
environment and then being able to tap
them on the shoulder and they’ll drop
dead instantly
lastly we have tech wear which is the
most technically advanced clothing
possible your jacket weighs about 14
micrograms and is resistant to all four
seasons simultaneously your carbon fiber
gore-tex underwear is completely
waterproof from both directions and has
a concealed pocket for up to two Magnum
condoms honestly the only downside I can
find to a tech wear outfit is that it
costs $4,000 and you only use it to walk
to work now at this point we’ve barely
scratched the surface of all the fashion
ideas that are out there but moving
forward all these areas of fashion will
continue to evolve in some very
interesting in unpredictable ways
personally I’ve been trying to Pioneer
come core which focuses on being as
comfortable as possible at all times the
only downside that I’ve realized is that
it’s the literal opposite of fashion and
usually devolves into you not leaving
the house and binging YouTube’s top 10
lists so you have no Instagram traction
on that one yet but I’ll keep you guys