Published: 12/03/2018

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March Madness Stereotypes. Love ’em or Hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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Video Transcript:

sup man hey man you wanna come watch the
games I got two TVs and a frozen pizza
let’s take the beginning but then you
pin it rebound trying to prop the
building very who do you think would win
in a fight a wild cat or a musketeer I
would probably pick them I can’t miss
the Blue Devils my dad works at a church
Oh Baylor Bears that’s chicken JoJo’s
team right are you looking at the
numbers no I’m looking at Pinterest New
Mexico State I’ve got a customer whose
son was there place-kick oh that’s
football but I’ll still pick on Texas
Tech and stephen f austin well i had an
uncle then with the tech never did like
him goes stephen f austin miami i just
got back from there something yeah
Auburn in Charleston oh I still feel bad
their tree got poisoned I’ll pick opera
as you guys see the north central
Kentucky Baptist school design got the
one last night I don’t know if I picked
them with a bracket whoa they’re not in
your bracket they’re in the NIT how are
we losing the Rhode Island right now if
this was football we would be killing
them dude that’s more so dumb
whistle watch doesn’t even watch the
game I don’t know how long ago to Blake
Griffin play on a side note I am looking
pretty good this year I applied didn’t
get in
didn’t we all we started attorney Oh for
one-year pace what do to him what to
change my bracket Wow
restful he lost me that one he makes his
free throws we win the game my brackets
perfect no I picked them in my bracket
that actually counts this one’s just
kind of a practice bracket there’s so
many good games on Thursday I know I
cannot believe we have to come into work
oh the games start this Thursday yeah I
was gonna see if you guys had any
available surgeries on Thursday one to
two week recovery time would be
fantastic you have anything other than a
hip replacement
lehigh shocks the world taking out Duke
in the first round and that is
back-to-back early exits for the Duke
Blue Devils your national champion Duke
you double guys have fought me back and
South Carolina coming out on top sending
Duke home early Duke we speed this up
there’s some great games on right now
yeah as soon as I can find something for
my grandma it’s under five grand we can
get out of here oh man there’s some good
stuff in there yes you’re renovating
would you pay attention if you break it
you buy it
hey didn’t you have Michigan State going
all the way this year yeah and I can’t
meet you who they just lost the first
round your brackets toasted man your
brackets change new brackets taste it
and women’s bracket you two gone
seriously no one’s taking Mississippi
State this year no I gotta get that deal
done today
that’s what take five man laughs I’m
inside one minute you just wasted it
Sandra I need taka no she on the line
yesterday are you sure sir crying oh I
don’t know what you’re crying all those
poor kids I always feel so bad for
losing team Kentucky blue I see it is I
got my boys winning it all this year no
you went there to basically my brother
went there my brother went there on a
campus tour we’re not related and it’s
one of those friendships were you closer
to right so you’re a wildcat because
you’re almost brother almost 1-2 because
you go cats
thanks for lunch today no problem I’m
pretty much a shooing in our office
bracket so caching it really an issue
right now what did you get that what
these new shades now the car
oh this even dip my billion I don’t have
a billion dollars I’ll do I’ve got a
perfect Brian going through day one tell
me you’re not talking about warm buffets
a billion dollar per Brian never gonna
happen in the history of the world
challenge you’ve heard of it
yeah I couldn’t decide whether we go
avocado ranch or read thanks for
watching guys if you’re not already a
dude perfect subscriber click down here
so you don’t miss out on any new videos
if you want to see the last video over
time to click right here and if you want
some awesome DP merch click down here
sign up for now pound it due to good
news bad news bad news is yacht taste
good news is it was Michigan not
Michigan State your brackets good I’m
gonna go get the car