Published: 14/03/2018

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Ellen and “Will & Grace” star Sean Hayes found themselves in a “Battle of the Gays” while arguing about each of their iconic TV shows.

Source: YouTube

Video Transcription:

perfect with the hilarious Sean Hayes
right here
Oh Helen Helen I’ve been calling you
Helen this all these by the way what
you’ve been on the air for 15 years on
this particular show yes I’ve also done
other things in the past yes I’m not
gonna read your resume
but and and you’ve been so kind to have
me on as many times and you’ve always
been so supportive and such an
inspiration now your ring all right
you’ve been such an inspiration I have
another game fish for the ring Hillary
in the bottom of the thing but so nice
to me and so wonderful if that’s you
that’s me cuz don’t choke on the ring
that’s because you’re hilarious and I
love you and you’re talented and smart
and old oh no I got it I got it okay so
wait so what were you talking about no
nothing I was complimenting you but you
didn’t hear it no thank you yes thank
why just complimented you right so but I
didn’t have to compliment you back to me
I could have just taken it that’s true
you could have just taken like Thank You
Sean yeah and then nothing and then next
question yes
which I’ll do now okay great so so well
it was seamless no 115 yeah yeah that
was a good segue yeah I connected it I
said that’s what I’ll do now I know you
can’t shut it off on Ellen’s brain go go
go willing great this is the show that
I’ve been on that’s right how long now
longer than 15 yeah no it was
how long was it the first time around
before y’all got canceled
I think it was longer than used to come
yeah that’s right I had to come out
first for y’all to do that sitcom go
Battle of the gays up here it’s
hilarious I I see you’re on it remember
I remember yes I was on it
so you but you’ve had amazing guest
stars this season right Jennifer Lopez
are just on the episode last week she
was hilarious
I played a it was a show within a show
she was she’s on the show called shades
of blue and so her character from shades
of Jack gets a part on that show and it
was hilarious
and then she’s so sweet to work with and
then Alec Baldwin’s come in at the end
of the season and he’s also hilarious
he’s you’ll see I can’t give anything
away but all right let’s yeah he’s a
very funny guy he’s so funny so sweet
yeah and you and it really is it’s a
hilarious show and the writing is is
better than ever is thank you it’s great
I’m so glad it’s back it is called Will
& Grace it’s are on Thursdays