Published: 09/03/2018

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Dunkey takes a closer look at the new Smash Bros trailer to reveal some juicy new info about the upcoming game.

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Video Transcript:

what’s up guys my name is video game
donkey today we’re gonna be breaking
down a new smash 5 trailer now notice
how I say smash 5 that is because if you
compare the logo from smash 4 to this
new one you can clearly see that there
is no line in the bottom left corner
thus confirming this is in fact a new
smash game and not a port Wow the
trailer opens with the shittiest 4 tuned
characters I mean nobody cares about
this until if you pause here you can
actually see a reflection of a large
Yoshi in splatoon sigh and then in the
next shot if you look very carefully you
can just sort of make out that there is
a gigantic smash logo engulfed in flames
there it’s kind of a blink in your
missing moment and I feel like I’m
probably the only one who noticed that
there’s some little shadows towards the
bottom of it which I believe to be
characters for the new Smash Brothers 5
which is in fact not a port because you
can see that the line is clearly not
there anymore now I’m kind of a
tech-savvy guy so I popped this image
into an advanced program called Adobe
Photoshop and if you zoom into the
circle you can see and more detail all
these new characters now on the far left
here you clearly have what appears to be
either much oak or Gamera the flying
turtle that shoots lasers at Godzilla
then next to that is a man holding a
shield and sword who was clearly Zelda I
mean come on it’s Nintendo it’s Reggie
making the games of course he’s gonna
put in his oldest character Zelda what’s
more interesting to me really is that on
the right of Zelda is what appears to me
to be the character Jimmy Neutron from
Nickelodeon you can see that they have
identical hair and there really is no
other option so I’m gonna have to go
ahead and lock that one down at a
hundred percent confirmation guys ah
next to him you can see an orange and
yellow face and this is when I knew that
Bert and Ernie are finally in Smash this
is something that fans have been asking
for for years
I know Reggie is a big fan of the series
so it’s really exciting to have these
two included in the new smash 5 which is
not a port because I mean look at that
the next guy is Kirby but next to him I
thought is that zero suit samus but then
I remembered that Nintendo doesn’t have
the rights to Metro it anymore so when
you actually think about it that is
Jack Skellington from The Nightmare
Before Christmas just incredible
now these middle two characters are
actually featured even more extensively
in the trailer we get a big zoom up on
this silhouetted man I mean that could
be anyone to be honest if I really don’t
want to make any reaching speculative
comments in this video but if I had to
guess I would say that it’s probably
Tony the tiger from serial next to Tony
they’re my consultants guy William whom
I beaten smash pointed out to me that
undertale is actually among the flames
there you can very clearly see the
beloved character Sam and wingding which
is huge I mean these are characters fans
have been asking for since the old smash
for Nintendo 64 and next to him of
course you have knack that lines up
perfectly and then if you look very
closely you can actually see boss baby
is actually behind a large pillar and
that is huge that is a character fans
have been asking for so yeah this is a
really exciting time for smash fans
there’s so much information here to chew
on and we’re left with a lot of
questions like will we be able to use
the Nintendo Lambo which is a cardboard
box that cost $80 will we be able to use
that to make a GameCube controller out
of and what’s the deal with the number
at the end of the trailer is that is
that how many characters there’s gonna
be I don’t know I don’t know guys like I
said before nothing is confirmed but I
do know for certain that the large share
we figure in the sky is actually triple
King and that is a character fans have
been asking for free